B.A. Stretke


Save Me - A Supernatural Romance

Save Me is now live on Amazon! Its a departure from my Vampire and Wolf Shifter books, but I hope you all enjoy it. Save Me exists in a world of demons and ghosts, priests and mystics all fighting to keep the balance between good and evil. Our hero Wynn Fisher must face his two biggest fears to save the day - the greatest evil he's ever faced and the chance a lifetime love. 

I hope you all enjoy this story and I welcome all reviews, ratings, and feedback! :)



Wynn Fisher is a young mystic and exorcist, raised to serve the Church and injured by a past relationship. He was embarrassed and humiliated by a man that he thought loved him. Now, he is hesitant to trust and chooses to live his life alone. He is a powerful demon hunter, but lives in secret, disguised as a local fortune teller. He thought that a life of seclusion would give him the peace that he sought. He thought the solitude would heal the hole that his ex-lover left in his heart. But as the old saying goes, we can never really run away from our problems. Now the greatest force of evil he’s ever faced, an evil that nearly killed him once, is back and wreaking havoc. Wynn must be strong enough and believe in himself if he is to vanquish this foe once and for all. Can he face the greatest challenge of his life? Will he allow himself to love again and use that love to conquer hate? 

Jacob Flynn is a paranormal researcher, University Professor, and a consummate skeptic. He is not a man who believes in a world beyond what he can see and touch. He must set aside his disbelief and his prejudice in order to win over the Fortune teller; a man that, against his better judgment, he finds himself inexplicably fascinated with and more than a little attracted to. Jacob feels himself drawn to Wynn in ways that he would have thought impossible. He finds himself wanting to believe in Wynn and wanting to protect him, but he fears for his professional reputation. Can Jacob set aside his prejudices and allow himself to love this fortune teller? 

Both of their worlds are about to be torn apart. Will they figure each other out in time to save themselves, or will they allow prejudice and a fear of commitment to destroy everything? 

Previously published as “The Passion of the Exorcist”, this story has been revised and expanded.