B.A. Stretke


Crimson Coven Book 3

Hello readers!


I am happy to announce that book 3 in the Crimson Vampire coven series is now live! I hope you all enjoy For Now and Forever as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here is a brief description of the book. Happy reading and remember to rate and comment :)


Brice Rutley was so ready to quit his job. He’d been working for Swain Motors for just over a year and he couldn’t take another day of homophobic torment from his co-worker Arlon Baines. Arlon never was so overt that others would notice, but he made sure that Brice never had a moments peace on the job. Brice just had to find the right job to move into and he would be free of this place. That all changed when his boss Lester Swain made an announcement that made his blood run cold. He would have to take part in a mandatory wilderness retreat with the rest of the staff. This was Brice’s idea of a nightmare. It seemed simple enough to get through the weekend and avoid his coworkers at all costs, but with a sudden turn of events, Brice finds his life threatened and he’s being hunted. Can he escape with his life or will his fear cost him everything? 

Zaan Costin has returned to the Plantation after years on assignment for the Coven tracking down rogue vampires. Master Stone has called back in his best of the best. He is serious about security at the Plantation after the near successful attack on his chosen Quinn. Zaan sees the newly bonded couples and thinks longingly for a moment about what his own chosen will be like. His first night back he is dispatched to the woods to aid a lost camper, but the situation quickly becomes so much more dangerous. He must save his chosen and convince the man that he is safe in Zaan’s arms. Can he find his for now and his forever?