B.A. Stretke


The Crimson Coven

Hello readers!

Today I released my latest novel Crimson Love: The Crimson Coven. I'm beginning an entirely new series, focusing on vampires. I will not be neglecting my wolf shifter books, but I wanted to go in a new direction and explore the world of the Vampire Coven. I hope you love the Vampires of Crimson, Virginia as much as I have enjoyed writing them. You can purchase the new book under the "Books" tab on this website. Here is a little intro to the world of the Crimson Vampires:


"The vampires of Crimson, Virginia live a life straddling two worlds. They are the dominant paranormals in the region, no one matches them in strength, power, or influence. The first Crimson vampire disembarked at Jamestown in 1613, escaping persecution in Europe. The wilds of North America have proven to be the best place to thrive. Families came and vampires claimed land for themselves in this new frontier. The Stone Family and the Crimson vampires have been the richest and most powerful landowners in the Tidewater region of Virginia for centuries. To the human world they are the Crimson Corporation, old money meets modern necessity. They have many holdings in and around the city of Crimson, Virginia and have influence across the state. The Crimson Plantation is their headquarters and home base. The Plantation house mansion, built more on the scale of a palace, dates to 1710 and is the most imposing house in Eastern Virginia. From here they rule the vampire world with an iron fist and the human world with the velvet touch of a dollar. It’s been eighty years since a member of the Crimson Coven has found their chosen, their fate-destined forever love. That all changes when Ethan Turner stumbles into their lives."


Happy Reading!

-B.A. Stretke