B.A. Stretke


About the Author

B.A. Stretke is a Gay Romance and fiction author who publishes through Dreamspinner Press, LLC and Amazon.com

B.A Stretke began writing as a hobby. He read his first Jane Austen novel as a teen and was instantly hooked. The age old dream of being a novelist took hold. Now long into adulthood, and a few years as an editor under his belt, B.A. is a full time writer. B.A. spends his days reading, engaging in sarcasm, and plotting the next storyline, often leaving little headspace for much else. He loves hiking through the Northern Michigan woods he calls home, often finding inspiration for his books. Writing and finding that perfect cup of coffee occupy the rest of his time.

B.A. Stretke lives in Northern Michigan hidden among the lakes and trees, with one royally spoiled cat and his dear friends and family.